My Ah ma has acne?

myrmarachne maxillosa ant-mimicking spider

// Myrmarachne maxillosa (Giant Ant-like Jumper) //


Easy peasy spidey ID:

The most foolproof way to tell them apart is to gently knock them off course. If it spins a silky safety line, you can be sure that’s a spider! Spiders that belong to the genus Myrmarachne copy the appearance of ants to trick its predators (e.g. wasps and birds) into thinking that they are one of the the foul-tasting ants that secrete formic acid when attacked. And thus, avoid getting eaten! *

The genus name, Myrmarachne, is a portmanteau of two Greek words ‘myrmex’ (ant) and ‘arachne’ (spider).  Having difficulty remembering the genus name, Myrmarachne?

Here’s an easier way: Think of your Ah ma (grandmother) having acne.

Myrmar-(has)-achne = My-ah-ma-has-acne


(Original photo source:

May 2014, Singapore

More ant-mimicking spiders here.

*Read Spiders of Brunei Darussalam by Joseph Koh to find out more about these copycats copyspiders! 



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