In the beginning, mummy didn’t approve of my adventures into the wild,
Slowly these stories and pictures made her understand her only child.

So off-the-beaten path, initially alone, I began to travel,
One by one, the hidden treasures slowly start to unravel.

Once a city girl, now never going back.
For I hear Mother Earth’s plea, for goodness’ sake, cut her some slack!

They say the grass is always greener on the other side.
I think it’s all the same; look what’s left after much’s been cast aside.

The greens and blues have tolerated and kept silent for so long.
Too much is too much; One more time, and you’d better be running along.

But before everything’s set in stone, at least I am going to try.
Capturing Earth’s marvellous creations – I hope we don’t have to say bye-bye

Need I say more? I’m sure you already know the remedy.
Please save our jungle now, there’s not much time. It’s in serious jeopardy.

With love,
Joanna Yeo


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